A little power nap...

Whoever said taking a power nap at a red light wasn't a good idea!?!  Not me, while some people are going to happy hour, I’m the one falling asleep at the red light, and getting woke up by people honking at me. They were probably also saying a few choice words, but I didn’t make eye contact with them as they passed by, I don't see you.  Darn it…  But that little 5 minute power nap was awesome.
This is what happens when you are extremely exhausted.
The kiddos have been fighting over mama most of the morning, so it’s been a little nerve wracking.  If A is being held, then M wants to be held…  If A is holding on to my leg, then M wants to hold onto my leg…  When I’m sitting on the floor with M in my lap, A comes and sits on M’s lap, and then M gets upset and pushes her off…  I’m sure you get the idea of how my morning has been.  A lot of complaining, crying, screaming, and not wanting to listen to anything I have to say.  Is it nap time yet!?!
I did wakeup this morning craving pancakes, I have never made pancakes before, but thought I would give it a try.  I was in luck, I had all of the ingredients, I just needed time without two kiddos to make them…  So since I didn't have the free time without two kiddos, a few of them came out burnt, since I had two kiddos pulling & fighting over which leg they were going to hold on to, I just don't understand.  But the others came out okay.  The recipe I used, called for a little more suger than I like in my pancakes, they were a little too sweet for me.  But the little girl tore them up, so I take that as a sign they were good.
This is probably as exciting as my Saturday is going to get, making pancakes!  It is too HOT for us to go outside, and all I want to do is go back to bed.  It is going to be a long day trying to find stuff to keep the kiddos entertained… The TV isn't doing the trick anymore, so we need to move on to building blocks, but that will require me having to get off my butt.
Happy Saturday!
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xoxo, Shanna

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