Glad's it's Friday...

Glad's it's Friday, and you!?!

I’m here, I'm alive…  I have shingles, and to say the least it is pretty painful.  Every time I turn around it is something.  I could really use a break, NOW!  The best part about it all, I was always told that I had never had the chicken pox, so the doctor and I both were scratching our heads as to how I could have shingles.  Well come to find out, my mother now says I did have a really mild case of the chicken pox. 

 And no one wants to be around me, pretty sad…  I’m not contagious, unless you haven’t had the chicken pox.

We did get our Christmas tree up, and the kiddos have had a great time pulling it apart.  But at least it is up, now if we could just get the Christmas lights up outside, we would be doing good.  I have to say, I love having the Christmas tree up, I find it very relaxing.  Before we had kids, I would fall asleep in the living room almost every night.
***My little helpers***
***The little man doing his thing***
***Singing Jingle Bells***
***The finished product, but we still need a tree topper***
Not much to say, I’m tired, I itch, and I’m in a lot of pain.  Just hoping this will end soon vs. later.  The kiddos are looking forward to seeing their BeeBee & Dar tomorrow, and so am I!  All night, all I have heard is BeeBee Dar, Dar BeeBee, BeeBee  & Dar…  Tomorrow my little ones, tomorrow.

Happy Friday!  Glad to have some quiet time, glad to have two days off, and glad to be off my feet!  Hope whatever your plans are that you have a safe weekend!   
Goodnight sweet angels!
xoxo, Shanna

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