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We are six weeks away from my baby boy being THREE…  Every day I’m overwhelmed with emotions about the fact he is going to be another year older, and what that might bring.  I’m not sad, but yet I am, but not in a bad way.  Just in a way that I’m not ready for this, I feel like so much has happened, of which I have missed, or haven’t been able to hold on to long enough.  Things happen so fast, in a blink he is moving on to something else, something new and more interesting.  Just this past month, we have gone through potty training, putting together larger puzzles, counting, working on our ABC’s, etc…  Which with all of this, he has done great.  It all seems to be a breeze, potty training, putting puzzles together, counting to 12, whatever it might be, he gets it and moves on to the next thing.  

Today I went to the Teacher’s Depot to get some books so that I could start teaching the little man to write, and to continue working on our ABC’s.  And while I was in this store I got excited and caught up in the moment, with all the stuff that I could be doing, and for a brief moment, I was like I could home school.  I was looking at everything, and was actually thinking about how I would tell my husband I wanted to do this, and for him to take me serious.  But then reality set in... I went and got some ice cream, and remembered that I don't have any patients, as I was getting upset at the person in front of us for taking forever, and I wanted my ice cream.  I might not be able to home school, but I will give my babies everything I do have, to make sure they do succeed in life.
When you become a parent, or even while you’re pregnant you start stressing about the fact you are going to be responsible for someone else, a baby.  Now that I have proven that I can keep a baby a live (2 if you're counting how many I have), now I’m stressing about how to get them through life!?!  How to make sure they don’t fail.  I know they aren’t going to be perfect at everything, but yet you want them to.  You don’t want them to have to go through disappointment.  Know what I mean?  So why not live in a bubble with your mama, that way we don’t have to face the world and all the ugliness that is out there, at times.

  Yesterday my husband told me how my son threw something at another little boy.  I was like WHAT!?!  We haven’t raised him to be like that…  Of course we haven't, what parent raises their child to throw, hit, bite or kick…? 
Sweet babies just know, you can do anything you want to, as long you put your mind to it.  If you really want it, and want to work for it, it can be yours.  And your mama will do whatever it takes to help get you where you want to be. 
Goodnight sweet angels!
xoxo, Shanna

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