I'm how old...

As I sit in my bedroom watching the new season of Gossip Girl, yes I realize I’m 32 and watching Gossip Girl but I'm sure I'm not alone, my family has gone for a walk.  I have to say I’m a little sad about this, as I’m ever so happy Gossip Girl is on; I’m also recording it…  But due to my treatment today, I’m supposed to be on bed rest the next 24 hours.  I know what fun times, getting stuck in the back, and then getting to be laid up in bed, while your family goes on without you!  But I have to say, I was truly looking forward to this treatment.  I will take 75% of relief for 10 days, so that I can enjoy the next 10 days with my babies before I head down hill again, until my next treatment!  As usual though, my doctor decided to change things up today.  He now wants me to do physical therapy twice a day, working my foot & leg, until the treatment wears off, and then give my foot & leg a break (usually around 5 days) until I have another treatment, to start the physical therapy backup twice a day.  Not really looking forward to this, he told me that it was going to hurt, but I had to push through it.  I’m a little scared, and WHY couldn't we start with once a day and move our way up to twice a day!?!  I guess go big, or go home!  Guess I will be going home...  I knew it was coming, but the way my other doctor described it to me, it sounded like a day at the spa.  But today it sounded like I was enlisting for boot camp!  I think I will take the day at the spa, so I will be giving my other doctor a call tomorrow.  I mean who would pass up having someone bath you and give you a full body massage, for it all to be considered for medical reasons!?!  Yeah me either, sign me up please!
This past weekend ended up being really long, I mean LONG with two sick babies.  We were able to make it to my nephew’s birthday party on Saturday, but we (by we, I mean the kids & I, the husband went and partied on, in our place) had to skip out on the one on Sunday. 
The little super hero's of the day!

My own sweet little super hero in action, before she got so sick...

My poor baby girl was throwing up most of yesterday, and had us up at 2 this morning.  So we are tired, and she is still sick.  Sweet girl, you don't need to lose anymore weight, I need you eating and keeping it down.  Not to mention mama really misses her wild child, I want to see your smile and hear your laugh! 


 We did enjoy watching Rio, twice, yesterday and did manager to dance around the house like birds.  I’m sure my neighbors probably think I’m a little weird and very loud, but at least my kiddos think I’m funny and love to be around me most of the time, or so I think!?!

Happy Monday, cheers to it almost being over.  I’m going to enjoy the rest of Gossip Girls, and feel like I’m in high school, or maybe college again, OMG!
Goodnight sweet angels!

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xoxo, Shanna


  1. I sure hope those cuties are doing better today! Much Love.
    Miss Kelly

  2. I know they missed you yesterday... Maddox is doing some better but is still having some diarrhea. The little girl is going to the doctor today. She is still not feeling good at all, and is running a fever. So Maddox you might see tomorrow, but we will have to see about the little lady. Hope all is well on your end! xoxo, Shanna


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