The amazing race...

Where did my weekend go!?!  I blinked, and here it is Monday!  We actually had a pretty busy weekend, and the next few weeks seem to be just as busy between bridal showers, birthday parties, and family get togethers, I don’t know when my body is going to get any rest.  Yesterday was a nice day, but very long…  My feet hit the ground running from the time I stepped out of bed (around 7:30) until I did a face plant in my bed at 9 something last night.  I actually fall asleep on the couch cuddling with my son, while he watched his cartoons before bed, but don’t tell him.  He thought I was watching the show too…  My body just can’t keep up with a 2 ½ year old, heck I can’t even keep up with a 32 year old either, but I’m right there with a 90 year old.  Give me a bed, TV and a book and I’m set to sleep all day.
Last night, or should I say late afternoon (that would be night for me), the husband and I joined a group of friends for a couple’s wedding shower.  I have to say, this was the best shower I have ever been too.  It was at Dave & Buster’s, and they had cake balls.  Who doesn’t like Dave & Buster’s or cake balls, so you can already tell by where the shower was being held and the cake balls, that it was going to be fun.  The husband and I have gone on a many a dates at the good ole Dave & Buster’s.  The theme was the Amazing Ball & Chain (I think); it was based off of the Amazing Race (which I had never seen before).  So here we are the husband and I (incase you were wondering who we was), ready to get this party started, I know the layout of this mall probably better than anyone, so we thought we had this in the bag.  But let me state to have something in the bag, you need to pay attention to the instructions or at least read the instructions.  So we're off, I’m taking pictures like crazy, we are marking off all the little silly things we had to do, we are sweating like crazy, my foot is killing me (but I kept going, I didn't let the pain stop us, no pain no gain), but we are so proud of ourselves.  We had the first challenge done, along with all the pictures we needed, all 17!  As the husband goes to drop off the first present, he notices that some people are already done.  I’m like “NO WAY”!  I continue to tell my husband, “THEY MUST NOT HAVE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS”!  So we continue to the next challenge, which I did great on, HIGH FIVE SHANNA, pat on the back and off we go to score another gift (I might have even done a little dance, maybe)!  The husband runs the gift back downstairs and comes back up to me and continues to tell me how even more people are finished.  AGAIN, I continue to say that is IMPOSSIBLE!  So we continue on doing the next two challenges.  As we get finished, we I learned that we were only supposed to have taken 5 PICTURES… NOT ALL 17, like we did…  GUESS WHO DIDN’T READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!  Yea that would be US!  But, because I always have a BUT, I was going by what someone told me, not pointing any fingers --->husband, I personally didn’t read the instructions, since he had the paper and was telling me what we needed to do, I just followed along (what does that tell you about me).  Next time, I'm in charge!  I will say, we did get some good photos that I hope will bring lots of laughter to the dear couple for many years!  But (because I have another one), we did make good timing getting all 17 photos, 4 challenges and gifts.  The husband and I ended up having a great time, and even though we didn't win first place playing the game, I did win the best prize, getting to spend one on one time with my love.  It has been a long time since we have been that silly together, so I truly enjoyed myself.  It was great getting to act like a kid last night, instead of a parent.  We lose track sometimes of who we are are to each other, since we are always in parent mode.  I think this happens to a lot of couples... 
So, what have you learned from this…  Always read the instructions, don’t take your spouse’s word for it…  Honey I love you, and I’m glad for the time we had yesterday to be silly, laugh and hang-out together.  I miss our time together, more than you know!
So yeah, I’m exhausted after running up and down the mall yesterday.  Not to mention the kids and I went and had lunch with my family earlier in the day.  And since I’m a sucker, I took the kids to Toys "R" Us after lunch, because neither of my kids have enough toys, and decided to let the little man pick out pretty much whatever it was he wanted, since he has done an AWESOME job with potty training.  It has been a week and two days, and he is doing GREAT.  So, I ended up going a little overbroad at the store…  Especially since I went to Target Thursday and bought him three new toys.  I can’t help it; it’s in my blood to spoil my kids!
And I can't believe I didn't take one photo this weekend of my precious babies!  Shame on me, since I normally take 500... 
Cheers to Monday almost being over, and me getting to see my bed in a few hours, and getting to be off my feet!
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xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Oh how fun, a scavenger hunt type of party! That is such a neat idea. I love the amazing race. Too bad hubby didn't read the instructions. It must be a man thing, my hubby never reads instructions. He swears all items that have to be assembled are packaged with extra parts (yeah right)! At least you all had a good time which is all that matters! Trust me, hubby & I definitely get lost in parent mode sometimes. It's nice to let loose & have a good time every now & then. Hope you get some much needed rest tonight :)


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