All in a morning...

Yesterday morning, I woke to my daughter bare bottom, diaper off!  Wish I had a picture of my face to insert here! 
Then, after breakfast, my daughter decided to take her clothes off again, but this time she pooped on the floor.  Awesome, just how I wanted to spend my morning, cleaning up crap!
***disregard the pile of laundry***

We have tired putting the diapers on backwards, that doesn’t work…  So now the duct tape has come out.
Will see who is laughing and clapping tomorrow!
 It will probably still be you... 
  Can anyone tell me what is wrong in these pictures...  Photobucket
Yeah, I should get mother of the year...  Not only do I let my daughter crap wherever she chooses, I also let her put her feet on the table, and stand up in her chair!  And sometimes, I even let her eat off of the floor.  I'm an awesome mom! 
xoxo, Shanna

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  1. OH yuck!!! Sorry you had to deal with that. Poop and kids... ya just can't separate them. My youngest son used to climb on the table and literally try and swing from the chandelier... crazy boy! :)


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