20 months...

My sweet Ash is now 20 months old!  I can’t believe in just four short months, my sweet baby girl will be TWO years old!  


Sweet girl, you have become a little helper, or so that is what your teachers and daddy tells me!  I’m still waiting on you to help me, pickup your toys, clothes, shoes and whatever else you decide to drag out to bring to the party.  But I do enjoy listening to the stories, and thinking how cute you must look helping clean house, or helping the teachers’ pickup all the nap sacks after nap time.

My sweet Ash, loves her little babies.  It is so sweet to watch you hug and kiss your babies!  I’m kinda excited that you are finally getting interested in girly things.  I was almost getting worried, that you might not, since you were so caught up in messing with bubba’s trains, cars, and blocks. 


You are getting so much better with your words, but you aren’t really chatty.  We usually have to ask you, what it is that you want, before you will say anything.  Not all the time, but most of the time, we do.  I know that will change, look at your brother, we can’t get him to stop talking.  So I will enjoy this moment of silence, it’s like the calm before the storm.

Last but definitely not least, you LOVE to be naked!  We have a really hard time keeping your clothes on you.  I will never forget, walking in on you the other day, you had seriously taken all your clothes off, along with your diaper, to take a nap.  You looked so sweet and innocent lying there, so peaceful.  

Happy 20 months sweet Ash!  We love you, my little angel!
xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Just found your blog through Top Mommy Blogs. You're little girl is so cute!! Happy 20 months to her!


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