I think I missed that memo...

The once quiet child of mine has really come out of his shell…

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 Not only is he quite silly these days, he also has learned he has a voice, and what a loud one it is when he is yelling at me, his sister or his daddy...  I guess I missed the memo that it is acceptable to yell at your mother.  Last time I checked, I carried you for 9 8 months, and pushed you out.  Let’s try to be a little nicer, okay…  Thank you!  

  The other night, I was pretty much at my breaking point between him yelling at me, that he didn’t want too _________ (you can fill in the blank), and my daughter hitting & throwing everything in sight.  I decided we were going to have some rules put in place, and if one or all were broken, you would have to go to time out.  Can you guess what the first rule was!?!  I have to say, since the other night, things have gotten a little better.  We shall see how long this last, he is pretty smart, so I am sure he will find a way around the rules, as he does with everything else. 

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 One afternoon a few weeks ago, I decided to go up to Sonic before we ran some errands.  I was talking to a young girl, and out of nowhere my son throws a toy at my head, as I turn to look at him, he yells “I was talking to you!”  Really, and in what universe did you ever think that was okay!?!  Again, I must have missed a memo here...  Because I was pretty confused at what had just happened.  I'm sure the young girl wanted to laugh, but when she saw the shocked look on my face she knew I didn't think it was funny.  

  Good times and I am sure it is only going to get better over the next 15 years!  Welcome to motherhood!  

Ornery little man, I sure do love you!  And I know, you love me too!  But can we please play nice, and no more throwing things at your mother!

xoxo, Shanna 

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  1. Yay, you are back!! Those little guys can be a handful!! I had to infuse a little humor with my firstborn. He would through a train at my head and I would say, "Good arm, but you missed. Do you want to sign up for baseball?" He wouldn't do it anymore since it didn't get a rise out of me! :)


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