A little paint never hurt anyone...

As of this morning, I had gotten (if lucky) two hours of sleep in the last 36 hours… 
 photo 50805a19-de00-446c-9c87-de714fd84ca3.jpg
Today I have walked around like a zombie, afraid to look outside.  It has been a hang around the house kinda day.  My sweet angel has been up the past two nights.  I should have known the first night that she was up, that she was getting sick.  She started running a fever late yesterday, and last night she spent most of the night crying and not being able to get comfortable.  My husband did let me take a two hour nap today; to rest up for what I predict will be another long night.  With the way she has been acting this afternoon, you can't even look at her, without her screaming and crying.  I sure hope I'm wrong, and my baby girl gets a good night's rest...
  So, what do you do when your brain doesn’t work…  You forget that you have an A-Type personality, and let the kids make a mess. photo cc612b97-cdd8-41f0-8057-f01ccd846c1f.jpg

 photo c9351061-5815-4d58-b2d9-a6fd55890082.jpg photo 56eb4e6b-cb1c-4123-b862-fdade16fbebe.jpgYeah, I normally run from anything that I know is going to make a mess, besides my two kiddos.  My son has been asking for the past few days to paint, and for whatever reason this morning I decided to give in. 
 photo 430c0740-aa54-4330-a96d-cb6254f8cf90.jpg
I have to say, this was the first time all weekend that these two actually got along and played nice.  For a moment I thought we should do this every day, if it will give me 30-45 minutes of peace and quiet, and then the paint hit the floor, and I freaked.
 photo 3acb6f49-f4bf-40b7-8ee7-ed1106f2fd5d.jpg
 Thank you little ones, for letting me join you in the hand painting today!
 photo 5a6a8a8b-cdda-4bb7-9806-ab2cdaf586d8.jpg
 Happy Sunday Funday, it is a gorgeous day out!  Hopefully tomorrow my little girl will feel better so we can enjoy the sun! 

xoxo, Shanna 


  1. i'm sorry your girl is sick.
    i'm sory you're missing zzz's. i know how critical they can be for a mama.
    i'm glad your exhaustion caused you to let some of your type a things go... i can only say this because i have found myself in the same exact boat MANY TIMES, and in hind sight i see that it is SO good.

  2. Oh, I love the paints! Hope you are going to keep your handprint masterpiece!! And I do hope you are all feeling better and well-rested soon!


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