What am I, chopped liver...

Do you ever feel like chopped liver?  Well, my kids had a way of making me feel that way the other day.  My Aunt or BeeBee as the kids call her, stayed the night with us the either night, and neither one of my kiddos wanted anything to do with me or the husband.  All we heard all night was BeeBee pay (play), BeeBee hold me, or as the little girl says or should I say screams BEEBEE, over and over! 

So yea, that night I felt like chopped liver as I asked my son to please give me a kiss and let me cuddle with him before I went to bed, and he looked at my Aunt, and said BeeBee hold me.  I have to admit, my heart dropped to the floor.  As I know my son didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, my feelings were hurt.  


I do know how much Bubba & Ash love them some BeeBee & Dar, but dang it I’m Mama!  I even fake cried, and I got nothing!  I mean NOTHING, from him!  What is up with that, little man?  You are my sweet, caring little man.  But the other night all you wanted was BeeBee, and Mama went to bed feeling like chopped liver, thrown to the side of the road, and left for someone else to abuse.   


Happy Saturday!  We are going to a birthday party today...  

xoxo, Shanna

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