18 months, a little late...

Oh sweet angel, mama is sorry she is little late on your post!  But as the saying goes, better late than never!  Life has just been a little overwhelming the last few weeks for mama, so I apologize.  At the end of the day, your brother and you are the most important thing in my life, besides your daddy.

Little girl, you have no fear.  You have to have gotten this from your daddy, because your mama is a straight up chicken!  If it walks and talks like one, than it is, and that is your mama.  You climb on everyone thing, jump off anything, even if there’s no one there to catch you, and it still doesn’t stop you.  You bump your head or fall, and just pick yourself right back up as if nothing happened.  Again, where did you come from?  You truly amaze me.  I hope you never lose this about you.

The last month or so your true personality has started to show.  One minute you are my sweet and loving baby girl, and then without any warning, at all, you are throwing toys at your mama, daddy or brother.  And sister, you got an arm and know how to aim and hit right on.  You scare me!  Not to mention you have picked up a habit that I truly want broke now, and it is hitting.  Fortunately, your teachers say that you don’t do this at school, thank goodness; instead you save it for your brother and daddy.  So, we really need to put an end to the hitting.

I love to hear your little voice; you are getting really good with your words.  I can’t believe how many little things we catch you saying, you lower your voice and look all SWEET & INNOCENT when you are talking, almost as if you are shy and don’t want us to hear you, at times.  Mama is going to try and list all the words we have heard you say lately, I just don’t want to forget: mama, dada, bubba, baba, juice, BeeBee, Dar, banana, Nana, Papa, hi, bye-bye, night, rice, cheese, two, shoe, choo choo, baby, thank you, I, ball, blankie, cracker, Chlo Chlo, Izzy, Ty, outside, fry and book.  I’m sure there are a few words I might have left out, sorry about that.  But mama is truly amazed.  Not to mention, you love to sing and dance!
I know in about 10 days you will be 19 months…  But Happy 18 months, sweet angel.  Let’s see what the next month holds, bring it, I’m ready…

We love you my sweet, brave, determined, thrill seeking little girl!
xoxo, Shanna

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  1. Oh, she is so sweet! I love her little words. The time goes by so quickly! :)


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