Truth is...

Life has been a little crazy lately, I can feel my head spinning round and round, just trying to get a handle on everything that I currently have on my plate.  Truth is, I love to be busy, I feed off of it…  But, I will say at this moment, I have a little more on my plate than I might be able to chew at one time.  I have had to rearrange my schedule almost every day, to make sure everything is getting taken care of, but truth is, not everything is getting taken care of.  Truth is, I’m not taking care of myself at all! 


I didn’t realize how bad I had let myself go, until yesterday when my son informed me that “mama has a big belly, and has baby”!  Awesome, what do you say to that!?!  Uh yeah, NO mama isn’t with baby, and thanks for the wonderful compliment!  Really, I know I’m not High School skinny, but really, I don’t think I look pregnant! 


Truth is, I keep forgetting my sweet baby boy isn’t a baby anymore.  This morning, he reminded me as I was getting breakfast ready, “not to call him baby boy, because he was a big boy”!  First, yes you are right, but you will always be my baby boy, and I’m your mother, so I can say what I want!  Second, way to go with that sentence you just put together like it was nothing! 


Truth is, each day you are getting better and better with your words and putting sentences together.  I will catch you playing with your trains, and sometimes I will sit outside your room door and listen to you talk with your trains, and call out their names.  And you truly know every Thomas the Tank Engine train ever made, and are trying your best, to get every train.  I can’t believe it; I thought we already had them all.  But thanks to YouTube and the iPad, we have clearly been proven wrong.  And you have no problem asking for us to buy you more trains.  Every day when I get home from work, you start in with what train you want mama to buy next.  Its okay sweet boy, I’m happy to see you too!  Thanks for the hug and kiss, along with the $100 list of trains you want!   Sure thing sweet baby boy, I will just walk right outside our back door, and go shake the fund tree!  Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way! 

Truth is, little man, I’m so crazy about you!  I’m so proud of you, and everything that you have accomplished over the last year!  And it melts my heart, to hear you say “mama I miss you” and “mama I miss you more”!  Sweet boy, mama misses every minute we aren’t together! 


Happy Saturday, looking forward to a couple of days off with the family!


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  1. Your boy is so cute... we went through a really big train phase, too. Still have them all. I think I'll save them for future grandchildren! :)

    Sorry about the weight thing... you know I'm struggling, too. It's so discouraging. :( If it makes you feel any better, my youngest son tells me to shave my moustache! :)


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