What I Wore Wednesday...

Hello Wednesday, hello to the ladies of WIWW, and hello to another heat wave here in Texas!  Looking forward to the cool front that is supposed to move in tonight…
I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.
pleated poppy


Dress: Target
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Target
Shoes: Baker


Top: Theory
Jeans: Express
Sandals: Target

Happy Hump Day, and cheers to a fabulous day!
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xoxo, Shanna


  1. oh i love the target sandals in the second picture! too cute! :)

  2. Every week I look at your cabinets and think how I want to refinish mine in that color! It's so warm and pretty! Sorry about the heatwave, wish I could trade you some fog!

    Is that dress gingham?? So cute!! :)

  3. Hi Shanna! Great outfits!! Did you wear the first one to work? I like that combination.

    Just followed you here from WIWW.


  4. Skye, I love them too:)

    Linda, you are too sweet! I too love our cabinets! And yes the dress is gingham.

    Jeanine, yes I actually wore both outfits to work.

    Thank you ladies! xoxo, Shanna

  5. Glad you all are supposed to be getting a cold front! I hear the temps have just been miserable there.


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