What I Wore Wednesday...

I would say Hello Wednesday, but to be honest I’m ready to say goodnight Wednesday!  I was up way too early this morning, checking emails on my phone in bed while the husband and baby boy slept soundly.  Nothing like reading facebook status, blogs, emails and the groupon deals of the day with one eye open in the dark on your phone.  Can you say hello headache...
I guess I’m stressing over turning a year older tomorrow…  Yes I stress over getting older!  But the 30’s have been hard for me, and come tomorrow I will be two years in...  And over the past two years, I have gotten wrinkles under my eyes, gray hair, it’s harder to lose weight, crankier (I didn’t think that was possible), and more forgetful…  I thought you were suppose to get wiser with age!?!  And for the record, just because I’m 32 doesn’t mean I won’t be immature from time to time… 
So, I’m singing the birthday blues over here…  But I will have a cupcake, to help me forget about the wrinkles, the gray hairs that I have to keep coloring so I don’t see them, and the bad mood I have been in.  At least for that one moment, I won't think about these things that the 30's have brought me!
I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy


Top: J Crew
Maxi Skirt: Express
Sandals: Target

Top:  Banana Republic
Shorts: American Eagle

Sandals: Target
Handbag: Fossil
Necklace: James Avery


Dress: Target
Tank: J Crew

Belt: Target
Sandals: Target
Headband: J Crew
Cheers to the week being almost over, and me sleeping through tomorrow, see ya maybe on Friday!
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xoxo, Shanna


  1. My 30's have been really hard for me too. I just turned 32 this year. Mostly I struggle with being an adult, accepting all the bad things in this life & trying to just grow up in general. Whoever said getting old was fun though right? Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

  2. Hey!

    I love reading your blog (probably b/c of your writing style). There is a topic though that I haven’t seen covered yet (sorry if I was out of town while you posted it). But I was wondering if you could post about saving cord blood??? I’m still trying to decide if its a good idea. I’m using this site for most of my info: http://www.publiccordbloodbanks.org/ , I’d like to hear some real life advice though.

    At the very least I intend on donating. Just thought I’d float the idea by you for a post.



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